One Side Open Metallizer (H Series)

One Side Open Metallizer (H Series)


This style metallizer is affordable and economy. It's better for metallizing moderately size materials. 

Main application:

The high vacuum metallizing machine can continuously metallize metal of Aluminum on the surface of roll plastic film such as PET, CPP, BOPP, PA, LDPE, PVC and PAPER. The machine is especially designed for metallizing high quality materials such as Cigarette and Wine Packaging Metallized Films, Food Packaging Metallized Films, Pharmacy Packaging Metallized Films, Metallized Laminated Films, Transferred Metallized Films, Anti-counterfeit Laser Films, Hot Stamping Foils and Metallic Yarn Films.

Main features:

1. With a high quality Siemens PLC and one (or two) Siemens color HMI size 12". Siemens Profibus as well all digital operation parameters. Machine control program based on humanity.

Advantage: Press a button to restore the original parameters. So do not worry about setting the wrong data in the Siemens HMI. Protected devices in both Booster Pump and Diffusion Pump systems. When there is any leakage or high temperature in Booster Pump system or Diffusion Pump system, it can alarm and stop working to protect Booster Pump or Diffusion Pump.

2. Powerful pumping system has the feature of high pumping speed owing to the large capacity pumps with high quality cryogenic traps, so it can keep excellent vacuum condition under any climate environment. Siemens PLC runs and controls the whole pumping system automatically.

3. Winding section:

3.1 New design of free span metallizing in winding section with four large capacity ABB brand motors and two chill rollers. And the metallizer is excellent for metallizing plastic films with small tension such as PET, CPP, BOPP, PA, LDPE from 6μm to 40μm.

3.2 High precise Japanese Yaskawa Servo systems control the winding section to achieve stable runing and high winding speed. The metallized materials have both best rewind trims without wrinkle, and not scratch on surface of original materials.

4. Tension section has three or four large capacity ABB brand motors and two or three stages tension. Precise Japanese Yaskawa drives or servos control the tensions so tensions are loseproof in roll and anti-stall, also have all kinds of functions on automatic correction. The tension system has an automatic adjustment on rewind taper tension and high rapid response.

5. Heating section:

5.1 Powerful heating section with resistance mode in the metallizer that has the special wire-feeding mode (one step motor controls one wire-feeding) can get excellent uniformity on the surface of metallized materials owing to the special boats design as spring load and offset row. The special boats design also can make the largest output owing to the higher evaporation rate and quicker boats change.

5.2 Induction heating section with dynamic current and stable power can ensure the excellent uniformity on the surface of metallized materials. It also can avoid sputter and pinhole woing to anti harmonic interference. Metallizer with induction heating section is excellent for metallic yarn making.

1. Specifications of Free Span design:

Web width (mm)800~1400800~14001500~21001000~2300
Max.unwind dia. (mm)600700700850
Excellent for materialsPET, CPP, BOPP, PA, LDPE (Small Tension Materials) 6μm ~ 40μm
Boats (pc)9~159~1516~2110~24
Working power (Kw)100~150100~180180~300120~320
Winding speed (m/min)100~500100~500100~500100~500

2. Specifications of Drum design:

Web width (mm)800~1400800~14001500~21001000~2300
Max.unwind dia. (mm)600700700850
Excellent for materialsPET, CPP, BOPP, PVC , PA, LDPE 6μm ~ 150μm
Boats (pc)8~158~1516~2110~24
Working power (Kw)100~150100~180180~300120~320
Winding speed (m/min)100~500100~500100~500100~500

3. Specifications of Induction heating design:

Web width (mm)800~11001200~15001650~25001650~2500
Max.unwind dia. (mm)600700700850
Excellent for materialsPET: 10μm ~ 45μm, Paper: 35gsm ~ 200gsm
Boats (pc)4~66~88~138~13
Evaporation rate(Approx)(g/min)8888
Working power (Kw)150~200200~240250~350280~400
Winding speed (m/min)100~500100~500100~500100~500

Note: The picture of machine just for a reference and subject to the actual configuration.

To provide you with the best solution, please offer the following information. We will contact you within 24 hours.

1. Substrate film (PET, BOPP, Paper, etc.)
2. Maximum width of the roll (mm)
3. Maximum diameter of the roll (mm)
4. Thickness of the roll (μm)
5. Metallizing materials (Aluminium, Tin, etc.)
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